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New Report: Hamas, Israel Both Committed War Crimes During and After Oct. 7 Attack
8 Suspected Terrorists With Ties to Isis Arrested In U.S. Cities This Week
Ronnie Radke Donates All Proceeds For 'Pander Express' Shirt To Gays Against Groomers
House Votes to Hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress
GOP Lawmakers Move to Abolish DEI in Federal Government
North Dakota Voters Approve Age Restrictions for Candidates
Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Will Not Be Allowed to Compete in Olympics After Lawsuit Loss
U.S. Lifts Weapons Ban On Controversial Ukrainian Paramilitary Group
Kansas City Chiefs Player Released From Hospital After Suffering Cardiac Arrest
Ana Navarro Calls Biden 'Most Religious President' In Her Lifetime
North Carolina Waitress Says She Was Fired for Posting Video of Man Dining With a Blow-Up Doll
'Lawyer Up, Homie': Ronnie Radke Threatens Music Critic With Lawsuit Over Libelous Comments
Federal Judge Rules Florida’s Sex Reassignment Law is Unconstitutional
New Jersey Considering Stripping Trump's Liquor Licenses After Conviction
Hamas Accepts, Israel Rejects UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution
Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz And Others React to Hunter Biden Conviction
Russia and Guinea To Build Floating Nuclear Power Plants
NEW: Hunter Biden Found Guilty in Felony Gun Trial
Young Thug's Lawyer Held In Contempt Of Court, Taken Into Custody
Trump Questions Whether Taylor Swift Is 'Legitimately Liberal'
Washington Teens Face Ten Years in Prison for Leaving Skid Marks on LGBTQ Rainbow Road Mural with Scooters
Just 19 Percent of Biden Voters Believe Society Should Prioritize Family
U.S. Consulate in Australia Vandalized
New Survey Shows Latinos Are Not Migrating to Republican Party
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