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Passage Press Founder Responds to Identity Dox by Guardian Writer
Target Ditches Pride Month Merchandise After Last Year's Backlash
Student Suspended Over Using Term 'Illegal Alien' In Class Files Lawsuit
Trump’s Abortion Policy Position Draws Criticism from Conservatives and Liberals
Kentucky Lawmakers Vote To Cut DEI Funding For Public Universities
NHS England Bans Puberty Blockers For Children
Newly Elected School Board Bucks Cancel Culture, Reinstates Native American Logo
New Book Claims Religious Cult is ‘Queering’ U.S. Schoolchildren with Radical Gender Ideology
Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism After Becoming Balenciaga Brand Ambassador
Johns Hopkins DEI Office Retracts, Disavows Recent Definition of ‘Privilege’
Planned Parenthood Prescribing Sex Change Hormones After 30 Minutes of Consultation
Michigan Judges Will Now Be Required to Use 'Preferred Pronouns' in Courtrooms
Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban On Public Drag Shows Unconstitutional
WATCH: Timcast News Reporter Removed from Trans Rights Event After Asking Activists to Define Woman
Detransitioner Sues Doctors Who Performed Sex Change Surgery When She Was A Minor
Conservative Beer Company Releases Limited Edition Trump 'Revenge' Mugshot Can
Judge Temporarily Blocks California School's Policy Requiring Parental Notification If Child Switches Gender Identity
‘COVID Made Me Cuckoo’: Howard Stern Argues With Wife On Air About Traveling Amid Spread of New Virus Strain
Federal Judge Halts Texas Drag Show Ban
California School to Pay Mother $100,000 For Trying to Transition Daughter Behind Her Back
Half Of Transgender Inmates In Wisconsin Have Been Convicted Of Sex Crimes
America First Legal Launches Investigation into State Attorneys General Colluding with Pro-Censorship Foreign Organization
Florida LGBTQ Parent's Group Takes On 'Moms For Liberty'
America First Legal Files Shareholder Lawsuit Against Target Over Marketing of Queer/Trans Propaganda to Children
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