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Mayor Eric Adams Calls for the Deportation of Migrants Who 'Are Repeatedly Committing Crimes'
Haley: Republican Party Is 'In A Ship With A Hole In It'
San Francisco Apologizes to Black Residents for 'Systemic and Structural Discrimination'
McConnell To Step Down From Senate Leadership In November
Judge Rules $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill Is Unconstitutional
Record Number of Americans Say Illegal Immigration Is 'Critical Threat' to U.S.
Marianne Williamson 'Unsuspends' Presidential Campaign
Tennessee House Passes Bill Banning Pride Flags from Being Displayed in Classrooms
Mike Tyson Opens School In Phoenix
Arab American Michigan Voter Explains Support For Trump Over Biden
Biden Loses Nearly 14% Of 'Uncommitted' Voters In Michigan
Trump Defeats Haley in Michigan by 40-Point Margin
Tucker Carlson's Lawyers Warned He Could Be Arrested For Putin Interview
Jose Ibarra Accused of 'Disfiguring' Laken Riley's Skull in Arrest Affidavit
Terrance Bradley Testifies in Fani Willis Misconduct Case
Alabama Proposes Voiding Out-of-State Driver's Licenses Issued to Illegal Immigrants
Work Can Resume at Montana Copper Mine Following Court Ruling
Google Paying Publishers Five Figures to Publish Stories Created with Unreleased AI Platform
Pentagon Finds No Wrongdoing In Defense Secretary's Secret Hospitalization
Moscow Says War 'Inevitable' If NATO Sends Troops To Ukraine
Democrats and Republicans Agree That Government Is Mishandling Southern Border, New Data Shows
European Farmer Protests Against Climate Policies Continue To Spread
Vermont Bans Girls Basketball Team From Tournaments After They Forfeited Game Against Transgender Player
Sen. Bernie Sanders Responds to Self-Immolation of Aaron Bushnell