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Sacramento is Now a Sanctuary City for Transgender-Identifying People
San Francisco Voters Pass Ballot Measure Requiring Drug Tests For Welfare Benefits
San Francisco Apologizes to Black Residents for 'Systemic and Structural Discrimination'
'Just Do The Math': California Senate Candidate Expounds On $50 Per Hour Minimum Wage
Proposed California Bill Would Require Speed-Limiting Devices In Cars
California Governor Gavin Newsom Schedules Special Election for Kevin McCarthy's Seat
California Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Cut Funding For Illegal Alien Healthcare
California To Begin Converting Sewage Into Drinking Water
Federal Judge Partially Blocks California's New Restrictions on Guns
California To Spend $300M To Clear Homeless Encampments
Judge Partially Blocks California School District from Telling Parents About Students' Pronoun Changes
Senator Laphonza Butler Will Not Seek Full Term
Dianne Feinstein Lies In State in San Francisco
As Gov. Gavin Newsom Pitches $20 Minimum Wage, Food Chains Pilot Automation to Cut Labor Costs
Newsom Signs Law Protecting Doctors Who Mail Abortion Pills Out of State
Levi Strauss Heir Announces Bid to Become Mayor of San Francisco
9th Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Down California Gun Control Law
California Gov. Gavin Newsom Set To Sign New Gun Control Legislation
Fast Food Workers in California May Earn $20 An Hour
Majority of California Residents Oppose Reparations
Tropical Storm Hilary Reaches California
Just 16% of Californians Can Afford To Buy A Home
Self-Driving Cars Are Interfering With Firefighters in San Francisco
Senator Dianne Feinstein Reportedly Gives Power of Attorney to Her Daughter
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