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Oklahoma Superintendent Requires Bible Instruction, Ten Commandments In All Schools
Ohio House Passes Bill Requiring Transgender Students to Use Bathrooms Aligned with Biological Sex
Louisiana Governor Signs School Choice Bill Into Law
Utah Teachers' Union Files Lawsuit to Stop School Choice Program
Kentucky High School Student Denied Diploma at Graduation After Praising Jesus in Commencement Speech
UK Government Tells Schools ‘Contested Theory of Gender Identity Will Not be Taught’
University of Washington and Student Workers Reach Tentative Deal After Strike
Michael Rapaport Congratulates Jewish, Zionist Students On Graduating University
Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Banning Biological Males from Female Public School Bathrooms
MIT Drops Diversity Statement Requirement for Faculty Hires
'I Hope It Continues': Michael Moore Calls For Students To Occupy More University Buildings
Speaker Johnson Calls For Columbia University President's Resignation
College President Defends Selecting Riley Gaines as Commencement Speaker
UCLA Students Issue Demands For Vegan, Gluten Free Food and Supplies
Columbia University Students Occupying Hamilton Hall Face Expulsion
Legendary Rock Star Takes Issue With Anti-Israel University Protests
Mike Johnson Responds To Ilhan Omar's Criticism Of His Columbia University Appearance
Abbott Orders Disbursement, Arrest Of Texas Students Engaging In Anti-Israel Protests
Mike Rowe Touts Trade School Foundation After Anti-Israel Protests Erupt on College Campuses
Illinois Library and Elementary School PTO to Host 'Pronoun Seminar' for Children Considering Sex Changes
Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Suspended from Barnard College for Participating in Pro-Palestine Protests
University President Denies Columbia has an Antisemitism Problem
North Carolina High School Student Suspended for Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’ in English Class
Alaska Judge Says Correspondence School Reimbursements Are Unconstitutional
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