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Harvard Reinstates Standardized Testing Admissions Requirement
Tennessee Senate Approves Measure to Allow K-12 Teachers to Concealed Carry
Idaho Gov. Signs Bill Banning Schools from Requiring Staff and Students to Use Transgender People's Chosen Names or Pronouns
NYC Public School Offers 12-Hour Day
Biden Readies Another Attempt At Wiping Out Student Loan Debt
'Transgender' Middle School Student Files Federal Lawsuit Against Wisconsin School District
Harvard Removes Human Skin Binding from Book Written in 1879
Students Deface 'Lady Ballers' Advertisement On Florida Campus
Manhattan School District Approves Resolution That Could Ban Male Students from Girls’ Sports
Catholic School Teacher Indicted for Creating Child Porn Using Student Yearbook Images, Parents Sue Archdiocese of Louisville
Dartmouth Men's Basketball Team Votes to Form Union
Tennessee House Passes Bill Banning Pride Flags from Being Displayed in Classrooms
Mike Tyson Opens School In Phoenix
New Survey Reveals Sharp Divides Over Race, Gender Identity Issues Taught In Schools
Biden Administration Accelerates $1.2 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Admissions Case Involving Virginia High School
Canadian Middle School Teacher Caught Selling Students’ Art Online
LGBTQ Advocates Send Memes to Indiana's 'Eyes on Education' Portal
Dartmouth Will Reinstate SAT Requirement
California Parents Win Lawsuit, Force State To Spend $2 Billion On Learning Loss
Oklahoma's Drag Queen Elementary School Principal Resigns Following Backlash
American University Bans Indoor Protests to Prevent Antisemitism
Stefanik Says Gay's Resignation 'Long Overdue'
Two New Jersey School Districts Vote to Scrap Woke State-Recommended ‘Gender Nonsense’ Policies
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