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Missouri City Declares Itself a LGBTQ 'Sanctuary'
Texas Sues NGO for Potentially Facilitating Illegal Immigration
Alabama Police Officer Arrested After Allegedly Making Multiple Swatting Calls While on Duty
Alleged Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration Shooter Told Police He Was 'Just Being Stupid'
Severed Human Leg Found on NYC Subway Tracks
Massachusetts School Board Requests National Guard to Quell Student Violence
Trump Compares His Legal Battles To Navalny's Death
Gunmaker Remington to End All Operation in New York After 200 Years
Russia Adds Sen. Lindsey Graham to 'Terrorists and Extremists' List
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal from House Members Fined for Violating Mask Mandate
Biden Administration Accelerates $1.2 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
Trump Says Haley Does Not Know How To 'Get Out' Of Presidential Race
Trump Challenges Biden To Debate During Town Hall
'My Revenge Will Be Success': Trump Quells Fears That He Will Settle Scores With Political Opponents
Border Patrol Union Blames Biden For Border Crisis
Dual Citizen Ballerina Ksenia Karelina Detained In Russia for 'High Treason'
Prince William Calls for End to War on Gaza: 'Too Many Have Been Killed'
Biden Polling Below 50% in Ultra Blue New York
New Study Shows Male and Female Brains Work Differently
Nikki Haley Says Trump Has Bullied Her, Vows to Stay in Race
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Admissions Case Involving Virginia High School
U.S. Senator Calls For Federal Cannabis Legalization
Hilary Clinton Insists Trump Will Withdraw From NATO If Re-Elected
'The View' Suggests Trump Should Be Censored In Debates