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Ohio House Passes Bill Requiring Transgender Students to Use Bathrooms Aligned with Biological Sex
U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Transgender Rights
Drag Queens to Descend on Capitol Hill for 'Drag Lobby Day' Next Week
Transgender Biological Male Accused of Killing Parents in Utah Says He Would 'Do it Again'
AP News Article Claiming Marriage can ‘Thrive’ After Gender Transition Met with Backlash, Ratio on X
San Francisco Declares Sanctuary Status For Transgender People
Federal Judge Rules Florida’s Sex Reassignment Law is Unconstitutional
Majority of Americans Now Say Changing Gender is 'Morally Wrong'
Lesbian Dating App Will Use Facial Recognition to Ban Biological Men
Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Banning Biological Males from Female Public School Bathrooms
Transgender Activists Flooding Utah Bathroom Tipline with Hoax Reports
British Darts Star Forfeits Tournament Over Having to Compete Against Transgender Player
Illinois Library and Elementary School PTO to Host 'Pronoun Seminar' for Children Considering Sex Changes
Maryland Official Says ‘It’s Not a Crime to be Transgender’ When Reporter Asks Why Officials Omitted Aspiring Shooter's Gender Identity
Transgender Teen Arrested Over School Shooting Plot
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