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House Votes to Hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress
Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Will Not Be Allowed to Compete in Olympics After Lawsuit Loss
North Carolina Waitress Says She Was Fired for Posting Video of Man Dining With a Blow-Up Doll
Washington Teens Face Ten Years in Prison for Leaving Skid Marks on LGBTQ Rainbow Road Mural with Scooters
Just 19 Percent of Biden Voters Believe Society Should Prioritize Family
John Leguizamo Runs Full-Page New York Times Ad Pressuring Emmy Voters Not to Pick White Nominees
New York to Rename Subway Station in Honor of 1969 Stonewall Riot
Just 23 Percent of Jewish Voters Back Trump, Despite Criticism of Biden's Handling of Israel War
Majority of Americans Now Say Changing Gender is 'Morally Wrong'
Kamala Harris Heckled by Pro-Palestine Protesters During Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Show
BREAKING: Trump Announces His Campaign Has Raised Almost $400 Million Since Guilty Verdict in New York Case
T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls Workers Will Now Wear Body Cameras to Combat Rising Theft
New York City Audubon Changes Name to 'NYC Bird Alliance' Over 'Racism'
VIDEO: Good Samaritans Trap Alleged Shoplifters Inside Tennessee Store
Deceased Democrat Congressman Donald Payne Jr. Wins New Jersey Primary
Hunter Biden’s Wife Confronts Former Trump Aide Outside Courtroom, Calls Him a 'Nazi Piece of Sh-t'
Jewish-American Army Major Quits Intel Job in Protest of Biden's 'Unqualified' Support of Israel (VIDEO)
Two NYPD Officers Shot by Illegal Migrant Driving a Scooter
Lesbian Dating App Will Use Facial Recognition to Ban Biological Men
X, Which Allows Users as Young as 13, Changes Rules to Formally Allow Porn on the Platform
Hillary Clinton Trying to Cash in on Trump Conviction with ‘She Was Right About Everything’ Mugs
X to Host Town Hall with Donald Trump, Three Years After He Was Banned by Previous Ownership
Jason Aldean Reacts to Trump Verdict — 'If There Was Ever a Time to Speak Up, IT’S NOW!'
Trump Speaks Outside Courtroom After Being Found Guilty of 34 Felonies: ‘I Am a Very Innocent Man’ (VIDEO)
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