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Speaker Johnson Holds Firm On 'Transformative' Border Security During Zelenskyy Visit To DC
Defense Secretary Says Troops May be Deployed If Congress Doesn't Provide More Aid to Ukraine
Speaker Johnson Demands 'Transformative' Border Security In Exchange For Future Ukraine Aid
Hungarian Prime Minister Asks EU to Remove Ukraine's Membership from Agenda
NATO Re-Affirms Its Commitment To Ukraine For 'As Long As It Takes'
Speaker Mike Johnson Says Aid for Ukraine, Israel is a 'Priority'
Ukraine Spy Agency Says Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Three Body Doubles
Schumer Criticizes House Aid Package For Israel, Says Senate Will Produce 'Bipartisan' Bill
Russia Reducing Prison Population By Sending Convicts to War in Ukraine
WATCH: Hillary Clinton Confronted by Protester About 'Warmongering' Joe Biden Speeding Us Towards WWIII
Biden Considering Asking Congress for $100 Billion in Aid for Israel and Ukraine, According to Report
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says the US Can 'Certainly' Afford Involvement in Another War, Must Fund Both Ukraine and Israel
Senate Democrats Say They're Willing to Shut Down Government to Keep Ukraine Funding
After Dethroning of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Biden Now Worries About Ukraine Funding
CODEPINK Activists Arrested After Staging Sit-In Inside Bernie Sander's D.C. Office