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Hunter Biden Was A CIA Asset In Ukraine, 'That's Why He's Untouchable,' Former State Dept. Official Says

Former official says 'Hunter Biden happened to be a-- deep in exactly the number one geopolitical target' of the CIA

Hunter Biden Was A CIA Asset In Ukraine, 'That's Why He's Untouchable,' Former State Dept. Official Says

A former State Department official claims Hunter Biden is being shielded from prosecution over questionable foreign business deals because he was an operative of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Hunter has been the subject of multiple investigations into alleged improper business dealings, including by the House Oversight Committee, which held a hearing this week entitled: “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office.”

Following an investigation by Special Counsel David Weiss, Hunter was indicted last September in connection with firearms-related charges. He was not charged in connection with any overseas business dealings with his father or other members of his family who are alleged to have taken part in the schemes.

Mike Benz, who worked at the State Department and held responsibilities in formulating and negotiating U.S. foreign policy for international communications and information technology, says that Hunter “is untouchable by the Justice Department” because he was part of “multiple” CIA operations, and is being shielded by the agency.

In a 6-minute video posted to social media platform X, Benz replied to a letter posted by the House Judiciary Committee stating that he would provide examples of Hunter’s connection to the CIA.

“So the first thing is … Hunter was on the chairman's advisory board of the National Democratic Institute, the NDI,” he said.

“The NDI is the DNC [Democratic National Committee] wing of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is the top CIA cutout used in our tens of thousands of NGO swarms. NED ranks number one. It was created to be a NGO affiliate of the CIA. It was created to do overtly what the CIA was doing covertly and getting in trouble for doing in the 20th century — created under the Reagan Administration in 1983,” Benz explained.

“And there's, there's something called the NDI for Democrats and the IRI [International Republican Institute] for Republicans, the CIA wing of the Republican Party, and they both split spoils, basically on US foreign policy jobs that the CIA orchestrates,” he said.

“You don't get to be part of the chairman's advisory committee of the NDI unless you are CIA-linked or CIA vetted,” he said in reference to Hunter.

Congress sets the budget for the NED annually, though it has been labeled a “private” entity in order to avoid scrutiny. More than 90 percent of NED’s funding comes from Congress, yet carries out foreign policy objectives on behalf of the United States, without being answerable to the United States.

During the Bush administration, under NED chairman John McCain, both the NDI and IRI had involvement in the unsuccessful Venezuela coup in 2002. The IRI was also involved in the 2004 coup of Haiti.

“It’s the CIA, okay,” Benz said, before referencing Hunter. “And he's on the chairman's advisory board of that. Oh, by the way, when he was at Burisma, who was the other person on the Burisma board from the U.S. there? He was Cofer Black, who had spent 30 years in the CIA.”

Black served as the director of the counterterrorism center in the years surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. Less than six months before two airliners slammed into the World Trade Center, Black knew “it was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard and lots of Americans were going to die,” he told POLITICO.

After resigning in 2004, Black was a top executive at Blackwater Worldwide, an international security firm responsible for a shooting incident in Nisour Square that left 17 Iraqi citizens dead. A congressional investigation followed, and in 2014 four blackwater contractors were convicted. The contractors were pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2020.

As Benz notes, Black served as an advisor to U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has his own ties to the shadowy agency on which Hunter served.

“Cofer Black was Mitt Romey’s sherpa to the intelligence community during his presidential run in 2012,” he explained. “And you know what Mitt Romney’s on the board of? The IRI…the CIA cutout counterpart to the NDI.”

He continued, “Burisma was a CIA operation. Okay. Lemme say this again. Burisma was a CIA operation.”

Benz said the CIA was attempting to break down Russian energy company Gazprom and swing the gas market from Russia to NATO in an operation that lasted a full 16 years.

Hunter has, for years now, been embroiled in allegations that he was a front man, accepting payments from corrupt figures tied to Ukrainian energy company Burisma in a pay-to-play bribery or extortion scheme.

Last year, Sen. Chuck Grassley released documentation of potential illicit ties between the Biden family and contacts in Ukraine. Per those records, an FBI source stated that executives for Burisma brought Hunter onto the board of directors to “protect us through his dad, from all kinds of problems.”

Burisma wanted to do business in the U.S., but faced a corruption investigation in Ukraine. Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky said they needed to pay the two Bidens (Hunter and Joe) $5 million each.

But these recent statements from Benz, if true, would suggest that the entire Burisma operation and the Biden family’s involvement may have been part of an even more elaborate plot by the CIA to reshape the global order and further strengthen U.S. economic and political hegemony.

“They were trying to capacity build Burisma and shift its board to make it U.S. controlled,” Benz added.

“That was part of the reason that we overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014 is to privatize those assets, because we knew that we were going to be cutting Russia off. So, Western stakeholders wanted to profit from this trillion dollar windfall if Russia could be kicked out of the European energy market. This is common activity for the Central Intelligence Agency, which was created by corporate lawyers in 1947 as its first class,” he explained.

“The corporate espionage side of the CIA operation here has geopolitical dimensions. If you kill Russia's energy exports, you kill their military, which means you kill their ability to run air defense systems to Syria. You kill their ability to run small arms to Sub-Saharan Africa to oppose U.S. control over lithium, and cobalt, and copper, and aluminum, and gold, and oil, and gas there, too,” Benz said.

“This was a long-range CIA project where Hunter Biden happened to be a-- deep in exactly the number one geopolitical target of what the CIA was doing under the Obama administration, which is trying to kill Russia's energy exports,” he added.

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