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ICJ Orders Israel to Cease Military Operations In Rafah
Sweden Headed Toward Civil War Over Migrant Violence, Expert Warns
Klaus Schwab Will Step Down From Top Role At World Economic Forum
Google De-lists DIY Gender Hormone Websites Amid UK Government Crackdown
Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia Shot
Mexico Faces Deadliest Election Season Ever With 30 Political Candidates Murdered
Argentina President Javier Milei Announces First Budget Surplus In 16 Years
U.S. Military Expulsion From Niger Is 'Devastating Blow' to Biden Administration
Poland Offers to Host U.S. Nuclear Weapons
UN Security Council To Hold Friday Vote On Palestinian Membership
Guatemala Is Investigating U.S. NGOs Amid Child Sex Trafficking Allegations
Biden Says the Government is 'Considering' Abandoning Julian Assange's Prosecution
Finland-Russia Border to Remain Closed Indefinitely
Ecuador Asks Mexico’s Ambassador to Leave
UN Calls for Bold Action to Address 'Cataclysmic' Situation In Haiti
UN Selects Saudi Arabia to Lead Women's Rights Forum
Thailand Advances Bill Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage
Kate Middleton Announces She Has Cancer
Russian Official Says France Is Preparing to Deploy 2,000 Troops to Ukraine
Oxfam: Israel 'Deliberately' Blocking Gaza Aid In Violation Of ICJ Ruling
Iranian Man on Trial for Shooting at LGBTQ+ Festival in Norway
Sweden Officially Joins NATO
France Makes Abortion a Constitutional Right
Biden Says Gaza Cease-Fire Talks Delayed Following 100 Civilian Deaths During Food Delivery
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