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Putin Offers Ceasefire Deal To End Ukraine War
Russia Launches Tactical Nuke Drills Near Ukraine
Russia To Conduct Exercises With Tactical Nukes On Ukrainian Border
Senate Approves $95B Foreign Aid, Bill Heads To Biden's Desk
Speaker Johnson Releases Text Of Ukraine, Israel Aid Bills Boasting Nearly $100B
Every NATO Country Already Has Military Personnel In Ukraine, Foreign Official Says
Hunter Biden Was A CIA Asset In Ukraine, 'That's Why He's Untouchable,' Former State Dept. Official Says
Moscow Says War 'Inevitable' If NATO Sends Troops To Ukraine
RFK Jr: Ukraine Funding Is 'Money Laundering Scheme' For BlackRock
Tucker Carlson Says Foreign Aid Loan Proposal Is A Trap
Tucker Carlson Confirms Interview with Putin
Chuck Schumer Predicts Americans 'Could be Fighting in Eastern Europe' Without New Border Bill
Gonzalo Lira Reportedly Dead After Ukrainian Imprisonment
Sen. Mark Warner: Putin is Having 'Best Christmas Imaginable' After Congress Fails to Aid Ukraine
Ukrainian MP Detonates Grenades During Council Meeting
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