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Biden Administration Opposes Effort to Verify Citizenship During Voter Registration
House Appropriations Committee Files Proposal To Prohibit Politicized Prosecutions
New York To Offer $90 Million in Tax Credits to Local News Outlets
South Carolina Governor Signs Law Banning Sex Change Procedures For Minors
Colorado Enacts AI Regulations Bill
Kansas Governor Vetoes Fetus Child Support Bill
'Antisemitism Awareness Act' Draws Ire Of Free Speech Proponents
Senate Approves $95B Foreign Aid, Bill Heads To Biden's Desk
Oklahoma Governor to Consult Foreign Diplomat Before Signing Immigration Law
Speaker Johnson Releases Text Of Ukraine, Israel Aid Bills Boasting Nearly $100B
New Senate Bill Would Force Small Businesses to Spy For the NSA
House Republicans Kill FISA Bill
San Francisco Bill Would Allow Residents to Sue Grocery Stores That Close Without Giving Notice
Washington High-Capacity Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
Wisconsin Schools Now Required to Include Asian American History in Curriculum
Louisiana Senate Passes Bill Affirming Independence From WHO, UN, WEF
Michigan Decriminalizes Paid Surrogacy
Joe Rogan Discusses Squatting Epidemic, Praises DeSantis for Promoting Property Rights
Kentucky Votes To Bar Governor from Appointing Senators
Kentucky Senate Sends Expansion of Paid Family Leave Access to Governor
DeSantis Signs Property Rights Law To Combat Squatters
Gov. Glenn Youngkin Vetoes 30, Signs 2 Gun Control Bills into Law
Governor Jay Inslee Signs 'Stripper Bill of Rights'
South Carolina Gov. Holds Ceremony To Celebrate New Permitless Carry Law
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