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GOP Lawmakers Move to Abolish DEI in Federal Government
North Dakota Voters Approve Age Restrictions for Candidates
Federal Trade Commission Warns Auto Manufacturers About 'Illegal Collection' of Driver Data
North Carolina Senate Advances Mask Ban Legislation
Multiple States Sue Biden Administration Over Title IX Changes
'We’re Driving Off a Cliff': Bill Maher Warns U.S. of Following Canada's Trajectory
Biden Administration Announces Another Student Loan Bailout
Former U.S. Officials Ask Congress To Revamp Insurrection Act 'As Soon As Possible'
Pundits Divided After House Passes Bill That Could Ban TikTok
FCC Bans AI-Generated Robocalls
McConnell Takes Aim at Democrats Opposed to Linking Southern Border with National Security
Warnings Issued Over Biden Administration Directive For FCC 'Digital Equity' Rules
Biden Issues Executive Order Creating New AI Safety, Security Standards
New Reports Lists Thousands of Books Banned in U.S. Prison
U.S. Saw Increase In Abortions After Roe Was Overturned
On Tour to Promote Electric Vehicles, U.S. Energy Secretary's Team Couldn't Find Enough Charging Stations
New Florida Curriculum Teaches That Black Slaves 'Developed Skills' For Their 'Personal Benefit'
U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve Depleted Under Biden Won't Be Refilled During His First Term
Nikki Haley Calls For Eliminating 'Certificate of Need' Bills to Lower Medical Costs
Arizona Officials Congesting Traffic With 'Road Diets' To Fight Climate Change
Woman Gets Homeless Man Off Street, Employs Him At Her Farm
Florida Bill Would Require Bloggers Who Write About Gov't Officials to Register With The State
Rail Workers Becoming Sick At East Palestine Derailment Site
Texas Republican Introduces Bill Providing Tax Breaks To Families Who Stay Married & Have Kids
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