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Terrance Bradley Testifies in Fani Willis Misconduct Case
Hillary Clinton on Alabama Supreme Court Ruling: 'Next It’ll Be Birth Control'
Michigan School Shooter's Dad Argues Jury Should Not See His Journal or Texts
Texas Sues NGO for Potentially Facilitating Illegal Immigration
Trump Compares His Legal Battles To Navalny's Death
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal from House Members Fined for Violating Mask Mandate
Kevin O'Leary Says He Would 'Never' Invest In New York Following Trump's $355M Fine
Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos are Children
DA Fani Willis' Father: Hiding Cash is a 'Black Thing'
Supreme Court Asks Jack Smith to Respond Following Trump's Appeal in Presidental Immunity Case
Christie Says Biden, White House Would Have Preferred Charges Brought In DOJ Report
Liberal Justices Question Colorado's 14th Amendment Challenges
Trump's Campaign Says Former President 'Respectfully Disagrees' with Appeals Court's Immunity Ruling
Former CIA Software Engineer Sentenced to 40 Years for Data Leak
Veteran Accused of Toppling Satan Statue Charged with Hate Crime
E. Jean Carroll Doubles Down On Trump Defamation Suit Payment Shopping Spree
Cori Bush Confirms DOJ Investigation Into Alleged Misuse Of Security Funds
E. Jean Carroll Says She's 'Not Going To Waste A Cent' Of Trump Defamation Money
Trump Ordered to Pay $ 83.3 Million in Damages to E. Jean Carroll
Former Female Inmate Says a Man Posing as Transgender Raped Her While Jailed at Rikers Island
Court Rules Pennsylvania Young Adults Can Carry Weapons During State of Emergency
'You Won This Round': Jordan Peterson Comments On Ontario Court's Decision To Allow 'Re-Education Camp'
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case on Transgender Bathroom Policy
Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules No One Under 21 Can Be Sentenced to Life Without Parole
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