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'Faux Outrage': Rachel Levine Responds to Criticism Of Trans Day Of Visibility
Women Pan Dylan Mulvaney's Debut Pop Song
Biden Comments on Nex Benedict's Suicide
Gender Dysphoria Diagnoses on the Rise Across the U.S.
Museum Declares Roman Emperor was Transgender, Will Use Female Pronouns
Female Pool Player Refuses to Compete Against Trans-Identifying Competitor
PragerU Releases Documentary On Detransitioners
Vermont's Largest School District Approves New Transgender-Focused Protections
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes Aim at 'Woke,' 'Anti-Woman' Words in New Executive Order
Wisconsin Senate Passes Prohibition on Gender-Related Surgeries for Transgender-Identifying Minors
Japanese Court Rules Sterilization Surgery Should Not Be Required for Legal Gender Change
Two Transgender-Identifying People Will Compete at Miss Universe
Gender Spectrum Announces an End to Its Direct Service Programming
First Transgender NFL Cheerleader Returns for Second Season
Kansas Will Not Change Gender on Birth Certificates
Burbank Mayor Condemns Critics Over Drag Queen Spanking As Homophobic, Transphobic
Sixth California School District Enacts Parental Notification Policy
Joe Rogan Calls Medical Gender Transition For Minors 'Childhood Mutilation'
New Musk Biography Says Los Angeles School Turned Son Into Marxist, Transgender
Nebraska LGBTQ Group Responds To Establishment Of Women's Bill Of Rights
Keith Olbermann Says Riley Gaines Lost To Lia Thomas Because She 'Sucked At Swimming'
Nebraska Implements Women's Bill Of Rights
Georgia Ban on Transgender Medical Intervention for Minors Partially Blocked by Judge
Californian Librarian Asks Women’s Sports Forum To Leave Event, Cites Transphobia
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