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Biden Unveils New Citizenship Pathway for 500,000 Illegal Immigrants
KJP Says Recent Footage Of Biden Freezing, Trailing Off Are 'Cheap Fakes'
Biden Preparing to Use Strategic Oil Reserve to Lower Gas Prices
Tim Scott Says Biden Is 'Greatest Threat To Democracy'
Diplomatic Sources at G7 Say Biden Is 'Worst He's Ever Been'
‘Lame Duck’ G7 Leaders Plan to Back $50B Loan to Ukraine with Frozen Russian Assets
White House Declines to Rule Out the President Commuting Hunter Biden's Pending Federal Sentence
House Votes to Hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress
Ana Navarro Calls Biden 'Most Religious President' In Her Lifetime
Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz And Others React to Hunter Biden Conviction
NEW: Hunter Biden Found Guilty in Felony Gun Trial
Just 19 Percent of Biden Voters Believe Society Should Prioritize Family
Just 23 Percent of Jewish Voters Back Trump, Despite Criticism of Biden's Handling of Israel War
Prosecution Rests in Hunter Biden's Federal Gun Trial
New Poll: RFK Jr. Pulling Votes from Trump, Not Biden, in Key Battleground States
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