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Speaker Johnson Claims Biden Went 'Off-Script' by Threatening to Cut Off Weapons to Israel
Israel Says Pause in U.S. Weapons Shipment Could Thwart Negotiations for Hostages, Ceasefire
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President Biden Calls Japan, India and Russia 'Xenophobic'
College Democrats of America Issues Stern Warning to Biden That Their ‘Votes Are Not to Be Taken for Granted’
Michael Moore Warns Biden's Chances Of Re-Election Waning
Poll Finds RFK Jr. is Helping Trump in Swing States
Mexican President Asks Biden About Legal Immigration
Trump Pans Biden's White House Correspondents' Dinner
'Hunter Got High' Tops iTunes Hip-Hop, Music Video Charts
Biden Now Walks With Staff to Hide His Stumbling & Gait From Cameras
Over 40 Percent of Democrats Say They Would Support Mass Deportations, Poll Finds
'He Might Have Just Lost': Megyn Kelly Comments On Biden Teleprompter Gaffe
Mike Johnson Claims Biden Has Caved To 'Pro-Hamas Wing'
Trump Blames Biden For Anti-Israel Protests At Universities