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Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Releases Statement After Stabbing
Bishop Stabbed During Sermon in Australia
Pope Francis Issues Doctrine of 'Infinite Dignity' Opposing Sex Changes, Surrogacy, Gender Ideology and Euthanasia
D.C. Archbishop Says Biden is a 'Cafeteria Catholic'
80% of Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence
Sen. Warnock Says Opposition To Transgender Day Of Visibility Goes Against Christian Faith
Trump Partners With Lee Greenwood To Sell 'God Bless The USA' Bibles
Trump Vows to Create Task Force Fighting Anti-Christian Bias
NY Catholic Archdiocese Condemns the Actions of Transgenderism Activists Following Funeral Scandal
Catholic Bishops in Africa Refuse to Offer Same-Sex Blessings
Trump Vows To Protect Christians Amid 'Persecution' By Biden Administration
$20,000 Raised in Three Hours for Legal Defense of Man Who Decapitated Satanic Statue in Iowa Capitol
Christian Former Military Officer Beheads Satanic Shrine in Iowa State Capitol
Iowa Fire Department Removes Nativity Scene After 'Diversity' Complaint from Litigious Organization
Kat Von D Discusses Her 'Deprogramming,' Decision To Become Christian
Mormon Leaders Say Heterosexual Marriage Should Be 'Exalted' For Eternity
Austin Church Uses ChatGPT to Hold Service Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
U.S. Entertainment Is Seeing A 'Powerful Movement Toward Jesus Right Now'
Over 5,000 Congregations Leave United Methodist Church Following Disagreements About Marriage, Sexuality
Pope Francis Calls for Freedom of Worship for Catholics in China
Pope Francis Recognizes 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians Killed by ISIS as Martyrs
New York City Catholic Church Hosts 'God is Trans' Exhibit
Federal Judge Rules After School Satan Club Must be Allowed to Convene in Pennsylvania
Congressman Denounces Defense Department for Ending Catholic Pastoral Care Contract at Walter Reed
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