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Ronnie Radke Donates All Proceeds For 'Pander Express' Shirt To Gays Against Groomers

'What better way to show my support to actual LGBTQ members than donating to protect the children?'

Ronnie Radke Donates All Proceeds For 'Pander Express' Shirt To Gays Against Groomers

In honor of Pride Month, Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has released a "Pander Express" shirt and will donate 100 percent of proceeds to nonprofit anti-child sexualization group Gays Against Groomers (GAG).

The shirt, produced independently from GAG by Radke and his merchandise team, features a Panda Express logo with a rainbow flag background which reads "PANDER EXPRESS," followed by "LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE."

Radke announced the shirt in a Tuesday video shared across social media.

"Since all your favorite bands love to pander to make money off you guys and pretend like they support a cause that they don't really care about, I made a shirt called 'Pander Express,'" Radke announced in his video. "Leave the kids alone!"

"And to back up everything I'm saying right now, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to Gays Against Groomers," the Falling in Reverse frontman added.

"I feel like it's gotten out of hand. I just want people to leave these kids alone," Radke continued. "Do whatever you want. Leave the children out of it, you know what I mean? Let 'em grow up."

The Falling in Reverse frontman said he "happily" supported the organization.

"What better way to show my support to actual LGBTQ members than donating to protect the children? Cause most of you bands are pandering so hard that you forgot about the kids, and how they're gonna grow up confused," he added.

Radke said fellow artists were afraid to speak out against child sexualization because backlash may hurt merchandise sales, calling them "Pandering posers."

"And I, Ronald J. Radke, President of the United States of America, will support the LGBTQ community as long as we protect these children from all these panderin' YouTubers ... panderin’ bands, panderin' politicians," Radke said while saluting the camera in a cowboy hat before screaming as the video ended.

GAG responded to Radke's announcement by calling the shirt "epic."

"Thank you, Ronnie Radke. You are a legend and we are so grateful for your support!!!" GAG wrote. "Let's save these kids."

GAG founder, president and CEO Jaimee Michell also responded to Radke's announcement.

"Dude you're amazing," Michell wrote. "Thank you so much for the support!!!"

Other GAG organization leaders also praised Radke's announcement, including GAG secretary and director of communications Judith Rose, and director of content Amy Rey.

Just 30 minutes after announcing the "Pander Express" shirt, Radke shared another post announcing the shirt had sold out.

Earlier this week in an X post, Radke threatened YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano with a lawsuit after learning Fantano had published several videos over the last year which made seemingly libelous remarks about the Falling in Reverse frontman's legal troubles.

"Anthony Fantano is what's wrong with our music scene," Radke captioned his post, accusing the music critic of perpetuating “a political agenda and biased opinion on music if he thinks you are opposing his views."

"He's a failed musician that uses people’s hard work and success to negatively (if not negative) arrogantly give his baseless and unprofessional opinions on music and intentionally trashes people based on what he thinks the type a person they are and gets paid to do it," Radke wrote. "He knows that when he’s negative it gets more views therefore more money, ironic coming from a communist."

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