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PragerU Releases Documentary On Detransitioners

Detransitioner Daisy Strongin: 'The More Time I Spent Online, The More It Felt Like Real Life'

PragerU Releases Documentary On Detransitioners

Nonprofit Prager University Foundation, also known as PragerU, has released a short documentary detailing the dangers of medical gender transitions, often referred to as "gender-affirming care."

The documentary, DETRANS: The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care, features two adults who formerly identified as transgender and participated in medical gender transitions as minors. In the 21-minute documentary, detransitioners discuss the "tragic" reality of their "gender-affirming care."

In promotion of their documentary, PragerU purchased a $1 million ad campaign on X.

"PragerU’s short documentary DETRANS: The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care features young Americans who were manipulated by social media and pushed by medical professionals to take hormones and undergo surgery," reads the documentary's page. "Now, they are finding the courage to detransition and warn others about their experience."

“There are so many young people who are going through very similar things that I did and are still being told that transitioning will save them,” says detransitioner Daisy Strongin in the documentary. “And it’s just not true. My story is tragic in some ways, but it’s very redemptive in many ways.”

Strongin, who suffered from depression and feelings of hopelessness as a minor, said she became "very interested in having a male persona" after viewing pro-transgender content on YouTube and Tumblr.

“The more time I spent online, the more it felt like real life,” she said. “And the more real it felt, which eventually led to me just totally transitioning.”

According to Strongin, staff at a behavioral mental health clinic warned her parents that her depression would "get worse" if they didn't "validate" her.

Fellow detransitioner Abel Garcia said watching YouTube videos in middle school "planted a seed of doubt" in his identity and led him towards pursuing medical gender transition.

“I just wanted an answer to be given to me on who I was,” Garcia says in the documentary. “And I went to see a therapist, and I had only asked, ‘I think I might be trans, I don’t know – I want to know.'”

A therapist reportedly told Garcia he was in fact a transgender woman, according to the detransitioner.

PragerU's chief marketing officer Craig Strazzeri said the organization hopes to highlight the "major regret" which accompanies minors choosing to seek medical gender transition.

“We decided to pursue an X takeover because it’s a great opportunity for us to reach a massive audience on the dangers of gender affirming care given that X is one of the least censored social media platforms, thanks to Elon Musk,” Strazzeri said in a statement to NBC News. “This will give millions of people the opportunity to hear important stories from detransitioners themselves, many of whom have been censored and even ostracized because their lived experiences do not affirm the mainstream media’s narrative.”

DETRANS: The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care is available on PragerU's website for free.

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