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USDA Ties School Nutrition Programs to Sexual Orientation and Gender Equity
HHS Secretary Becerra Argues Transgender Surgeries for Minors Should Be Aided by the Government
Florida Mother Suing School That Secretly Discussed Gender Transition With Her Middle Schooler
Federal Bureau of Prisons Ordered to Provide Prisoner with Transgender Surgery
Team USA Athlete Advised To Keep 'Mouth Shut' About Competing Against Trans Athletes
Washington’s Gender-Affirming Care Law Begins Jan. 1
Chicago Public Schools Now Require Restrooms to be Gender-Neutral
California Sued For Moving Anatomically Male Prisoners Into Female Prisons
Trans Women Won't Be Required To Reduce Testosterone According to New Olympics Guidelines
First Gender-Neutral Passport Issued By State Department
Texas DFPS Calls Sex Reassignment Surgeries Child Abuse
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