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Texas National Guard Secures Border With Razor Wire, Military Vehicles
Disney-Affiliated Drag Queen Welcomes Children to Show Featuring Simulated Sex And Nudity
Gov. Abbott Announces Texas Border Wall Construction Will Restart
Texas Court Rules Appeals from Arrested Illegal Immigrants Must Be Heard Near the Border
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Is the Latest Governor to Ban TikTok on State-Issued Devices
United Methodist Church Continues to Split as Over 400 Texas Churches Vote to Disaffiliate
Guns N' Roses Files a Lawsuit Against Texas Gun Shop Over Its Name
Kevin McCarthy to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: Resign or Be Impeached
Second Bus of Illegal Immigrants Arrives in Philadelphia from Texas
Abbott Declares Invasion At Southern Border, Invokes Constitutional Clauses, Executive Orders
Reporter Detained After Asking John Bolton About Covering Up War Crimes, WMDs, Julian Assange
Man Who Threw Can of White Claw at Sen. Ted Cruz Claims He Was Trying to Get Him to Chug It
DeSantis Handily Defeats Crist in Florida, Abbott Projected To Secure Third Term in Texas
Man Arrested for Hitting Sen. Ted Cruz With a Beer Can at Houston Astros’ World Series Parade (VIDEOS)
Reporter Who Confronts Beto O'Rourke Physically Assaulted, Kicked Out Of Rally