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Congressional Democrats Call for Federal Seizure Of Texas Border
Gov. Abbott: Texas' Right to Self-Defense 'Supersedes Any Federal Statutes to the Contrary'
Rep. Chip Roy: People are ‘Dying in Texas Because of Democrats’
Sen. John Cornyn Endorses Donald Trump
Supreme Court Rules Federal Government Can Remove Razor Wire at Texas Border
Texas Refuses To Comply With Federal Government's Cease and Desist Letter Over Border Enforcement
Federal Court Rules in Favor of Texas' Floating Barrier
Governor Pritzker Spars with Governor Abbott After Newspaper Ad
New York Mayor Eric Adams Sues Charter Bus Companies That Transported Migrants from Texas
Seattle Children's Hospital Sues Texas AG Ken Paxton
Mexico to Challenge Texas' New Illegal Entry Law
U.S. Halts Railway Operations With Mexico Amid Migrant Surge
Missouri AG Launches Investigation Into Media Matters
Texas Police Arrest Illegal Immigrant for the Murder of 16-Year-Old Cheerleader Lizbeth Medina
Texas Gov. To Sign Legislation Allowing State Authorities to Arrest Illegal Aliens