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Austin Church Uses ChatGPT to Hold Service Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's Impeachment Trial Ends in Acquittal
Gov. Greg Abbott Says Texas Has Bused 37,400 Migrants
Court Permits Texas to Keep Floating Barrier in Place
Texas Ordered to Remove Floating Barrier from Rio Grande
Texas Supreme Court Permits Sex Change Restrictions for Minors to be Enforced
Cruz Says Democrats Would Support Biden Even If There Was Video Evidence Of Him Engaging In Corruption
Five Texas Families Sue School Where Teacher Allegedly Beat Toddlers With Wooden Spoon And Stick
Uvalde School Shooter's Cousin Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to ‘Do the Same Thing’
Multiple States Issue 'Poor Air Quality' Warning After Canadian Wildfire Smoke Drifts South
CDC Issues Malaria Warning Following Cases in Texas, Florida
Former Congressman and CIA Operative Will Hurd Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Save Women's Sports Act
Supreme Court Affirms Native American Community Should Have Priority in Children Custody Cases
Texas House Republicans Kill 48 Conservative Bills This Legislative Session