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Los Angeles Homeowner Detained After Opening Fire on Four Armed Men Who Broke into His Home — Killing One
Gun Ownership in America Reaches Record High, According to New Poll
Los Angeles Dad Uses Gun to Deter Break-In at His Home, Gets Stripped of Firearm Permit for 'Yelling' at Cops
Newsom Signs Law Making California the First State With a Gun and Ammo Tax
California Gov. Gavin Newsom Set To Sign New Gun Control Legislation
SecureIt Responds To Liberty Safe Providing Access Code To FBI
Expelled Tennessee Lawmakers Win Special Elections
Appeals Court Decides Against ATF Pistol Brace Rule
Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy Signs New Gun Store Closure Bill into Law
U.S. Senate Quietly Adds Permanent Gun Control Law Into 2024 NDAA Authorization
'Let’s Give This A Shot': Newsom Proposes 28th Amendment Limiting Gun Ownership, Ban on 'Assault Rifles'
Hunter Biden Indictment Could Expand Second Amendment Rights
Everytown for Gun Safety Trains Activists to Seek Political Office Through 'Demand a Seat' Program
Washington Bans the Sale of Assault Weapons
ATF Director Says He is 'Not a Firearms Expert' When Asked to Define Assault Weapon