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Judge Rules $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill Is Unconstitutional
Alabama Proposes Voiding Out-of-State Driver's Licenses Issued to Illegal Immigrants
Idaho Advances Pedophile Death Penalty Bill
New Hampshire Law Would Permit Local Law Enforcement to Arrest Illegal Immigrants for Trespassing
Washington Pressed to Create Strippers' Bill of Rights
House Republicans Say Senate's Border Bill is a 'Waste of Time,' 'Dead on Arrival'
Nebraska Considers Syringe Exchange Programs
Proposed California Bill Would Require Speed-Limiting Devices In Cars
West Virginia Considers Expanding Obscenity Laws During Public Hearing
New Hampshire House Votes to Restrict Gender Surgeries for Minors
Honolulu Bars, Restaurants, Clubs Required to Carry Naloxone to Prevent Overdoses
Federal Judge Partially Blocks California's New Restrictions on Guns
Congressional Briefing Presents Data Showing the 'First Step Act' Has Been A Success
Missouri Lawmakers Propose Women Who Get Abortions Should be Charged with Murder
Gov. Tony Evers Vetos Wisconsin Transgenderism Intervention Law
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