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Lizzo Walks Back Her 'I QUIT' Post
Pew: U.S. Teens Use Social Media 'Almost Constantly'
Instagram Reels Algorithm Slammed for Serving 'Salacious Content' Involving Minors
Nikki Haley Calls for End of Anonymity Online, Walks Back Comment
UPDATE: Gays Against Groomers Instagram Account Restored After Suspension
33 State Attorneys General Sue Meta Alleging Its Social Media Platforms Contribute to Declining Youth Mental Health
Detransitioner Censored On Instagram Over Account Bio
Ads For Mark Levin's New Book Banned On Facebook, Instagram
'Knock Knock': Musk Says He Will 'Bang On' Zuckerberg's Door To Demand Fight, Taunts Facebook CEO
'It Was Just An Instagram Video': Dylan Mulvaney Criticizes Bud Light For Lack Of Support Amid Sponsorship Backlash
Over 250 'Celebrities' Sign Letter Calling For Social Media Platforms to Censor 'Malicious Disinformation About Trans Healthcare'
Ukrainian Influencer Pours Fake Blood on Herself at Cannes
EXCLUSIVE: Ohio Police Department Unanimously Votes 'No Confidence' For Chief Who Violates Department Policy On Speech, Expression, Social Networking
Arkansas Sues TikTok, Meta for Deceptively Targeting Minors
Instagram Influencer Pleads Guilty to COVID-19 Relief Fraud Scheme — Used $1.5 Million For Private Jets, Luxury Apartment
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