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8 Suspected Terrorists With Ties to Isis Arrested In U.S. Cities This Week
Senators Tom Cotton and Joe Manchin Introduce New Immigration Restrictions
Biden Blames Congress for Immigration Crisis, Unveils New Restrictions
Illegal Alien Indicted for Laken Riley's Murder
Arizona Rancher George Alan Kelly Will Not Be Retried
Mexican President Asks Biden About Legal Immigration
Oklahoma Governor to Consult Foreign Diplomat Before Signing Immigration Law
Senate Republicans Call for Full Trial for Mayorkas
Iowa Governors Sign Deportation Bill
Texas National Guardsman Arrested for Human Smuggling
U.S. Saw More Migrants Encountered at Northern Border This Year Than The Past 11 Years Combined
George Alan Kelly: Jury Selection Continues for Rancher Accused of Killing Mexican National
Laken Riley's Dad Asks Governor Kemp to ‘Declare an Invasion’ of Illegal Immigrants
Mexico Vows Not to Accept Any Migrants Ordered By Texas to Be Deported
Supreme Court Says Texas Can Enforce Immigration Law
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