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Wisconsin State Bar to Change Definition of Diversity Following Lawsuit
Harvard Professor Calls For End to DEI, Cites 'Growing Resentment' Among Academics
Wall St. Begins Purging DEI Programs
President Biden's Chief Diversity Officer to Depart
Johns Hopkins DEI Office Retracts, Disavows Recent Definition of ‘Privilege’
Wisconsin Bar Sued for Diversity Clerkship Program
University of Wisconsin Rejects $800M In Funding To Keep DEI Programs
'It Is Poison': Cruz Takes NSA To Task Over 34-Page Diversity Glossary
Idaho Board Of Education Bans 'Invite,' 'Requirement' Of Diversity Statements For Employment
Diversity Executive Resigns After She Was Caught Lying About Her Hispanic, Arab Ethnicity
United States Customs And Border Protection Release Flyer Featuring Social Justice Terms In Conjunction With Black History Month
Biden Says U.S. Has Never Lived Up To Its Promise Of Equality For Black Americans
WATCH: Timcast Speaks with Workers Striking Outside the New York Times
Air Force Academy Tells 'Cisgender' Men Not to Apply to Fellowship Program
Director of Diversity at Connecticut School District Apologizes for Retweets About White People
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