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Two Virginia Schools Vote to Restore Names of Confederate Leaders
Nearly 30 Percent of Generation Z Women Now Identify as LGBTQ
Pope Francis Calls Surrogacy 'Deplorable,' 'Exploitation'
Mark Cuban Defends DEI Framework Amid Widespread Criticism on X
Conservative Dad's Ultra Right Beer Launches Limited Edition 2024 Calendar Featuring 'Real' Women
Democrat Congressman Reintroduces Bills to Create a Smithsonian 'National Museum of American LGBTQ+ History and Culture'
Pennsylvania House Proposes April 2 Presidential Primary
Transgender-Identifying Competitors Banned From Participating in Miss Italy
Journalist Warns Governments Ushering In Global Totalitarianism Under Guise of 'Hate Speech' Laws
Nearly 25 Percent of High School Students Claim They Are Gay, Bi, or 'Questioning' Their Sexuality
Disneyland to Host 'Pride Night' in June to Celebrate 'LGBTQIA+ Community and Allies'
Country Star Riley Green Removes 'Bud Light' From Hit Song's Lyrics, Crowd Goes Wild (VIDEO)
Transgender Professor Backs Out of Debate Against Daily Wire's Michael Knowles
Legislation Introduced in Ontario to Ban Protests and 'Offensive Remarks' Near Drag Shows
Build-a-Bear Introduces Drag Queen Bear Based on Ru Paul
'Trans Day of Vengeance' Protest in DC Cancelled, Organizers Claim There Was a 'Credible Threat to Life and Safety'
Missouri Issues Emergency Regulation on Gender Transition Procedures For Minors
Arkansas House of Representatives Passes Bill to Build Monument to Aborted Babies on Capitol Grounds
Rappers Film Music Video Outside DC Prison Holding January 6 Protesters, Feature Ashli Babbitt's Mother
TikTok Comedian Says Her Children Have Been Threatened After She Made Video Criticizing 'Nonbinary' Activist Jeffrey Marsh
Adidas Reports $540 Million Loss Over Canceling Ye and Sitting on Unsold Yeezy Inventory
Diversity Executive Resigns After She Was Caught Lying About Her Hispanic, Arab Ethnicity
England and Wales Outlaw Marriage for 16- and 17-Year-Olds
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