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Senate Democrats Want Justice Clarence Thomas To Recuse Himself From Trump Immunity Case
Supreme Court Grants Jack Smith's Motion To Consider Expedited Hearing
House Freedom Caucus Elects Bob Good As Next Chairman
San Francisco Supervisor Acknowledges Homeless Problem, Blames Capitalism
Jack Smith Asks Supreme Court To Rule 'Immediately' On Trump Immunity Defense
Trump Says Biden Poses 'Real' Threat To Democracy
Retiring McCarthy Gives Parting Advice To Speaker Johnson
Nevada Grand Jury Indicts Six Republican Alternate Electors
Fulton County Prosecutors Privately Say There Will Be Jail Sentences In Trump 2020 Election Case
House Moves Forward With Motion To Censure Jamaal Bowman
Gov. Kathy Hochul Schedules Special Election to Replace George Santos
Congressman Kevin McCarthy to Retire in December
Fulton County Prosecutors Add Mike Pence to List Of Witnesses Testifying Against Trump
Newsom's Wife Reportedly Requested To End Debate With DeSantis
Rep. Santos Has Been Expelled From The House
Senate Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Associates of Justice Clarence Thomas
Jamie Dimon Urges Democrats To Stop Insulting 'Ultra-MAGA' Republicans
Speaker Johnson Spoke with Santos 'At Some Length' Amid Potential Expulsion
McConnell Takes Aim at Democrats Opposed to Linking Southern Border with National Security
Cardi B Criticizes Biden Over Ukraine and Israel
McCarthy Praises Speaker Johnson For Releasing J6 Tapes
McCarthy Denies Shoving Burchett: ‘I Guess Our Shoulders Hit’
Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against McCarthy Following Assault on Burchett
Kevin McCarthy Blindsides Rep. Tim Burchett by Shoving Him After GOP Meeting