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Ted Cruz Says Corporate Media Fears Biden Loss

'This is the moment where they're trying to see if they can push him out and replace him with Michelle Obama'

Ted Cruz Says Corporate Media Fears Biden Loss

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said corporate media is beginning to turn on President Joe Biden because they are worried about his chances at securing re-election.

Cruz discussed President Biden's concerning polling, along with the possibility that someone else will be tapped as the Democratic nominee this November during a Wednesday episode of his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz.

Co-host Ben Ferguson noted the Washington Post's Feb. 14 op-ed titled, "What happens if Trump or Biden can no longer run for president?" along with another recent article from The New York Times titled, "How Old Is Too Old to Be President? An Uncomfortable Question Arises Again."

“I do think we are seeing the corporate media starting to turn on Joe Biden," Cruz told Ferguson. "It was this podcast that drove news and drove news across the country, when we said months ago that I believe there was a very significant chance the Democrat Party would pull the cord on Joe Biden, yank him out and replace him with Michelle Obama."

The Texas senator suggested corporate media would continue pushing stories critical of Biden leading up to the election.

Cruz said Democrats and corporate media would be "perfectly happy" if they could "wave a wand" to secure a second Biden term.

"They’re not worried that he’s incompetent to be president,” Cruz continued. “They’re not worried that the Department of Justice says he’s not competent to stand trial. They’re not worried that he’s such a weak commander-in-chief that our enemies are attacking our allies and threatening America. They’re not worried that he lacks the competence to do the job."

"There’s only one thing they’re worried about: that he would lose," he added.

"If they believed he would win, they’d be perfectly fine to Weekend at Bernie’s him, to stand him up as a corpse and say Joe Biden’s there and let’s keep pulling the puppet strings," Cruz said. "Their concern is they’re worried he’s going to lose.”

Cruz also noted corporate media was consistently critical of Republicans and conservatives, though Democrats did not receive the same ire.

"They're like groupies chasing The Beatles throwing their panties at him," he said. "[Biden] is really startled because he's not used to any scrutiny. He's not used to journalists actually being journalists."

The Texas senator also noted the media favored liberal-leaning Republicans who were critical of their conservative colleagues.

"This is the moment where they're trying to see if they can push him out and replace him with Michelle Obama," he said, adding corporate would be "silent" on Biden if he is the Democratic nominee by September.

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