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New Report: Cars Are The Worst Devices For Privacy
Maine Taxpayers Funding New Apartment Buildings for Illegal Immigrants — Plus Two Years of Free Rent
Ohio House Overrides Gov. Mike DeWine's Veto of Bill Banning Sex Changes for Minors
California State Health Insurance to Cover Sex Change Surgeries and Hormones for Illegal Immigrants
Principal of Iowa High School Tried to Distract Shooter So Students Could Escape
New York City Subway Derails After Colliding with Another Train — 24 People Injured
Republicans Push to Override Ohio Governor DeWine's Veto of Bill Banning Sex Changes for Minors
California Stores Now Legally Required to Have 'Gender Neutral' Toy Aisles
Florida Resort Cancels Event Featuring Marjorie Taylor Greene on Third Anniversary of January 6 Protest
Ohio Cities See Drop In Crime Rates After Concealed Carry Law Takes Effect
Epstein Docs: 'He Said One Time That Clinton Likes Them Young, Referring to Girls'
Ohio’s 'Republican' Governor Mike DeWine Vetoes Ban on Sex Changes for Minors
Nearly Half of Buick Dealers Take Buyout Over Company Mandate To Invest In EVs
Second Senate Sex Video Reportedly Exists
Study Finds 59 Percent of Green Card and Illegal Immigrant Households Use Taxpayer-Funded Welfare Services
New Census Data Shows Migration Could Cost Democrat-Majority States Numerous Congressional Seats
WATCH: Alec Baldwin Escorted by Police After Heated Confrontation at Pro-Palestine Rally in NYC
SUV in Biden’s Motorcade Stuck by Vehicle During Delaware Event
Top Democrat Lawmakers Call for Gun Control on Eleventh Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting
Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's Office Sends Email Inviting Only 'Electeds of Color' to Holiday Party
LA Mayor Touts Her Handling of Homelessness During First Year in Office
FBI and DHS Issue Warning About 'Lone Actor Violence' at Protests and Holiday-Related Public Gatherings
Biden Speaks at Fundraiser Hosted by Former AIPAC President, Warns Israel is Losing Support Due to ‘Indiscriminate Bombing’
Doug Emhoff Shares, Deletes Incorrect Post Retelling Story Of Hanukkah