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Born and raised in the Southern California High Desert, Chris is a recent transplant to the greater DC area. He has previously written for The Daily Caller, and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. In his free time, Chris enjoys stand-up comedy, podcasts, and collecting vinyl records. Chris can be found on X and Instagram @manofbert


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Critics Suggest Candace Owens' Post Calling For Investigation Of 'History,' 'Profiteering Of Pornography' Antisemitic
Trump Gives Gov. Newsom New Nickname
Biden Refers to Climate Skeptics as 'Neanderthals'
Shaman Allegedly Vandalizes YouTuber's House
Trump Insists Biden Must Take Cognitive Test
Former Republican Politician Says Haley Has Become A 'Walking Democratic Surrogate'
'People Don't Like Her': Trump Comments On Haley's 40-Point Michigan Loss
Illinois Judge Orders Trump Removed from State Election Ballot
Haley: Republican Party Is 'In A Ship With A Hole In It'
McConnell To Step Down From Senate Leadership In November
Arab American Michigan Voter Explains Support For Trump Over Biden
Biden Loses Nearly 14% Of 'Uncommitted' Voters In Michigan
Trump Defeats Haley in Michigan by 40-Point Margin
Tucker Carlson's Lawyers Warned He Could Be Arrested For Putin Interview
Hamas Responds to Aaron Bushnell's Suicide in Protest of Israel's Military Response in Gaza
Dallas Mayor Details Changing Party Affiliation To Republican
Pro-Palestine Supporters Praise Aaron Bushnell's Suicide by Self-Immolation
Haley Loses Campaign Funding From Koch Organization
Shane Gillis Returns To SNL, Corporate Press Pans Performance
Byron Donalds Defends Trump After Suggesting Black Americans Relate To His Legal Troubles
Former Democratic Representative Expresses Interest In Haley Running Third Party
Biden's Campaign Takes Issue With Knowles' CPAC Comments On Marriage
Trump Vows to Create Task Force Fighting Anti-Christian Bias
Tulsi Gabbard Praises Trump During CPAC Speech
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