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Tennessee Republicans Advance Bill to Criminalize Adults Helping Minors Obtain Sex Changes
Tennessee Senate Approves Measure to Allow K-12 Teachers to Concealed Carry
Tennessee Passes Bill Prohibiting Department of Children’s Services from Discriminating Against Conservative Adoptive and Foster Parents
Tennessee Passes Bill To Classify Foods With Vaccine Material Added As Drugs
Tennessee House Passes Bill Banning Pride Flags from Being Displayed in Classrooms
Congressman Tim Burchett Hosts 16-Minute Christmas Party
Nashville Elects First Transgender Councilmember
Expelled Tennessee Lawmakers Win Special Elections
Tennessee Teachers Union Suing Over Law Banning Teaching Critical Race Theory
Tennessee Stops Altering Gender Markers on Official Documents to Reflect Gender Identity
Federal Judge Rules Tennessee's Ban on Drag Shows For Children is Unconstitutional
Star News Network Sues FBI For Refusing to Release Covenant School Shooter's Manifesto
Department of Justice Sues Tennessee Over Law Banning 'Critical, Medically Necessary Care for Transgender Youth'
Tennessee State Representative Attempts To Carry Small Casket Into Capitol
Rep. Thomas Massie, John Lott Make The Case For Armed Educators In Washington Times Op-Ed
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