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Senators Tom Cotton and Joe Manchin Introduce New Immigration Restrictions
Joe Manchin Leaves the Democratic Party
Senator Bernie Sanders Will Seek Reelection
WATCH: Actress Halle Berry Screams 'I Have Menopause!' Outside the Capitol
Bipartisan Senate Bill Seeks to Keep Kids Off Social Media
Senator Tillis Accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of 'Dragging Our Brand Down'
Senate Approves $95B Foreign Aid, Bill Heads To Biden's Desk
Senate Dismisses Both Impeachment Articles Against Mayorkas
Rep. Massie Becomes First Republican Lawmaker to Back Rep. Greene's Motion to Vacate Speaker Johnson
Senate Republicans Call for Full Trial for Mayorkas
WATCH: Pro-Palestine Protesters Repeatedly Disrupt Senate Hearing with Pentagon Leaders
Katie Porter Endorses Schiff For California Senate
Kentucky Votes To Bar Governor from Appointing Senators
Manchin Will Only Vote for Judicial Nominees That Have Bipartisan Support
Sen. Rand Paul Clashes with Fox News Host Over Bill That Could Ban TikTok in the U.S. (VIDEO)
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