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ICJ Orders Israel to Cease Military Operations In Rafah
Democrat Lawmakers Voice ‘Discomfort’ Over Attending ‘Divisive’ Netanyahu Speech
Associated Press Condemns Israel in ‘the Strongest Terms’ for Shutting Down Live Feed, Seizing Equipment
'Baseless and Illegitimate': Speaker Johnson Blasts ICC Arrest Warrants for Israel, Hamas Leaders
International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Leaders of Israel and Hamas
Contrary to Recent Reports, UN Says Gaza Civilian Death Toll Was Not Halved
Pentagon Intelligence Officer Resigns Over the Biden Administration’s Support for Israel
Chris Cuomo Says Daily Wire Believes Ben Shapiro Would Lose to Candace Owens in Israel Debate (VIDEO)
Speaker Johnson Claims Biden Went 'Off-Script' by Threatening to Cut Off Weapons to Israel
Rubio Calls For Deportation Of Non-American Pro-Palestinian Rioters
New Survey: 67% of Americans Concerned Campus Protests Will Result in Violence
Israel Says Pause in U.S. Weapons Shipment Could Thwart Negotiations for Hostages, Ceasefire
'I Hope It Continues': Michael Moore Calls For Students To Occupy More University Buildings
WATCH: Macklemore Releases Pro-Palestinian Song
U.S. Halts Shipping Ammunition to Israel
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