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Hamas Accepts, Israel Rejects UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution
Trump Says Those Who Demean Oct. 7 Are Same As 'Holocaust Deniers'
'Baseless and Illegitimate': Speaker Johnson Blasts ICC Arrest Warrants for Israel, Hamas Leaders
International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Leaders of Israel and Hamas
Mike Johnson Claims Biden Has Caved To 'Pro-Hamas Wing'
New York Congressmen Respond To Sixth Month Anniversary Of Hamas Attack On Israel
Tens of Thousands of Protestors Call for Resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
U.S. Defense Dept. Undercuts Israeli, Hamas Death Toll Figure
Hamas Responds to Aaron Bushnell's Suicide in Protest of Israel's Military Response in Gaza
Biden Administration, Pennsylvania Democrats Condemn Philadelphia Falafel Shop Protest
'Pathetic': Fetterman Calls Out Pro-Palestinian Protestors Surrounding Jewish Restaurant
Israel Knew of Hamas Attack A Year Ago, Documents Show
Father Recounts 9-Year-Old Daughter's Return From Hamas Captivity
Civilian-to-Combatant Kill Ratio In Gaza Has 'Few Precedents' In Modern History
Son Of Hamas Founder Claims 'All of Us Will be Next' if Israel Fails in Gaza
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