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Congressman Proposes Amendment to Halt ATF Digital Firearm Registry
Supreme Court Rules the Subjects of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Cannot Have Guns
Supreme Court Shoots Down Bump Stock Ban
White House Declines to Rule Out the President Commuting Hunter Biden's Pending Federal Sentence
NRA's New President is Bob Barr
Hobby Gunsmith in NYC Convicted After Judge Declares Second Amendment 'Doesn't Exist' in Her Courtroom
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case on 'Ghost Guns'
Wyoming Building Commission Wants to Allow Concealed Carry in a 'Gun-Free Zone'
Tennessee Senate Approves Measure to Allow K-12 Teachers to Concealed Carry
Constitutonal Rights Group Blasts White House 'Red Flag' Law Proposal
Hero 11-Year-Old Shoots Man Attacking His Pregnant Mother in North Carolina
Gunmaker Remington to End All Operation in New York After 200 Years
Gun Rights Groups File Lawsuit on Behalf of Newsmax's Carl Higbie and Others Seeking Concealed Carry Permits in New York
Biden ATF Drafting Rule To Ban Private Gun Sales
D.C. Crime Report: Gang 'Music Videos Taunting or Disrespecting Their Rivals' Is Driving Homicide Rates
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