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Federal Court Strikes Down West Virginia Transgender Student Athlete Ban
Harvard Professor Calls For End to DEI, Cites 'Growing Resentment' Among Academics
Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over Transgender Policy
New Survey Reveals Sharp Divides Over Race, Gender Identity Issues Taught In Schools
Newly Elected School Board Bucks Cancel Culture, Reinstates Native American Logo
Rapper Sexyy Red Endorses Donald Trump For President
Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban On Public Drag Shows Unconstitutional
Judge Temporarily Blocks California School's Policy Requiring Parental Notification If Child Switches Gender Identity
Federal Judge Halts Texas Drag Show Ban
California School to Pay Mother $100,000 For Trying to Transition Daughter Behind Her Back
Half Of Transgender Inmates In Wisconsin Have Been Convicted Of Sex Crimes
Florida LGBTQ Parent's Group Takes On 'Moms For Liberty'
CEO Of 'Non-Woke' Job Board Says Business Is Booming As Workers Flee Ideologically Driven Companies
Detransitioner Says Nipples Were 'Literally Peeling Off' After Sex Change Surgery
New Florida Curriculum Teaches That Black Slaves 'Developed Skills' For Their 'Personal Benefit'
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