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Diet Coke, Other Coca-Cola Products Recalled in Three States
World Health Organization Calls for 'Urgent' Ban on Flavored Vapes
Texas AG Sues Pfizer Over Claims the Company Misrepresented Its Covid Vaccine Efficacy
U.S. Suicide Rate Significantly Increased in 2022
The CDC Warns of Increase of Congenital Syphilis Cases
Demand For Unvaccinated Sperm Rises As Women Seek Out Men Who Avoided the Covid Jab
The U.S. Infant Death Rate Rose by 3% in 2022
FDA Releases New Guidelines for the Development of Cocaine, Meth Addiction Treatments
Parasites Found in Baltimore's Reservoir
Parasitic Brain Worm Spreading Across Southern United States
U.S. Women Traveling to Mexico For Abortions
Mayo Clinic Updates Guidance, Now States Hydroxychloroquine Is Effective Against COVID-19
CDC Stops Accepting Injury Reports For COVID-19 Vaccines
Red Cross Asks Male Donors If They Are Pregnant
Red Cross Now Accepts Blood from Gay or Bisexual Donors
Republicans and Democrats Back Bill Aiming to Reduce U.S.'s Stillbirth Rate
Listeria Outbreak in Washington Leaves Three Dead, Two Hospitalized
Gene Therapy Eyedrops Restore Boy's Sight
Japanese Scientists Pioneer Medicine Allowing Adults To Regrow Teeth
In Effort to 'Reduce Stigma,' Washington Hospitals No Longer Have to Report Babies With Prenatal Drug Exposure to CPS
CDC Issues Malaria Warning Following Cases in Texas, Florida
FDA Creates Guidance for Psychedelic Drug Trials
'Settle The Science!': Dr. Peter Hotez Confronted Outside Home After Joe Rogan Pledges $100K For Debate With RFK Jr.
Women Who Start Birth Control in Teens 130% More Likely to Exhibit Depression Symptoms