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Dozens of Cybertrucks Vandalized with 'F-ck Elon' in Florida Parking Lot
Musk To Provide Free Tesla Supercharging In Israel
Elizabeth Warren Requests SEC Investigation Into Musk Regarding 'Conflicts Of Interest,' 'Misappropriation Of Corporate Assets'
Elon Musk Is Moving Tesla HQ From Texas Back to California
Tesla 'Recalls'Over 362,000 Vehicles, Says Experimental Self-Driving Software May Cause Crashes
Rapper Rick Ross Will Not Drive a Tesla Due to Fear Government Will Override Car, Take Him to Police
Tesla To Standardize The Industry, Allow Auto Manufacturers, EV Charging Networks To Use Proprietary Connectors
Tesla's Cyberquad for Kids Recalled for Safety Standard Violation
Elon Musk Sells Burnt Hair Scented Cologne
Finnish Man Blows Up Tesla To Protest Cost of Replacing The Battery
Elon Musk Poised To Make The Single Largest Tax Payment in History
Elon Musk Named Time Person of the Year, Magazine Calls Him 'Clown, Genius, Edgelord, Visionary...'
Tesla’s Nearly $2K Electric Quad Bike For Kids Sold Out Twice After Announcement