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Dozens of Cybertrucks Vandalized with 'F-ck Elon' in Florida Parking Lot

'Looks like someone doesn’t like Elon...' the video's caption states.

Dozens of Cybertrucks Vandalized with 'F-ck Elon' in Florida Parking Lot

Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks were vandalized with "f-ck Elon" in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, parking lot this week.

A 39-second video of the vandalism was posted to Instagram on Friday by the account "@onlyindade."

"Looks like someone doesn’t like Elon..." the user wrote in the video's caption.


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“Tesla just leased this parking lot and brought a lot of Tesla trucks,” the person filming can be heard saying in the video. “They started bringing [them] three days ago, but look what happened.”

“They vandalized all the cars, all the Tesla trucks.” the man continues. “This parking lot has been empty for years.”

According to a report from Torque News, over 50 vehicles were damaged.

"As you can see in the video, the parking lot is filled with Tesla vehicles. In addition to the 50 or so Cybertrucks, you can see several Model 3s, Model Y’s, and Model S’s," the report noted. "Interestingly, although Cybertruck production is only at an annual run rate of 75,000 vehicles, there are more Cybertrucks in this location than any other Tesla vehicle."

The report also noted that it is difficult to estimate the cost of repairs, since the Cybertruck does not have a traditional coat of paint that can be painted over.

"The Cybertruck, unlike every other vehicle on the road, does not sport an external coat of paint. This is good in normal situations since no paint means removing a flimsy yet expensive layer from the outermost part of the vehicle."

This is not the first time Cybertruck has been targeted by vandals. There has also been at least one report of it happening in California.

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