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Congressman Proposes Amendment to Halt ATF Digital Firearm Registry
Supreme Court Rules the Subjects of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Cannot Have Guns
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case on 'Ghost Guns'
Washington High-Capacity Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
Gov. Glenn Youngkin Vetoes 30, Signs 2 Gun Control Bills into Law
Constitutonal Rights Group Blasts White House 'Red Flag' Law Proposal
South Carolina Gov. Holds Ceremony To Celebrate New Permitless Carry Law
Gunmaker Remington to End All Operation in New York After 200 Years
Biden ATF Drafting Rule To Ban Private Gun Sales
Court Rules Pennsylvania Young Adults Can Carry Weapons During State of Emergency
Ohio Cities See Drop In Crime Rates After Concealed Carry Law Takes Effect
Gun Control Stripped From Final Version of NDAA Bill
Federal Judge Rules Ban On Handgun Sales to 18- to 20-Year-Olds Unconstitutional
October Gun Sales Were Third-Highest On Record
Georgia Lt. Governor Proposes $10K Payments For Teachers To Carry Firearms
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