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Michael Knowles Discusses America's 'Identity Crisis' At CPAC

The Daily Wire host cited the nation's border crisis as a factor in the nation's lack of identity

Michael Knowles Discusses America's 'Identity Crisis' At CPAC

The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles discussed America's "identity crisis" and the "Democrat-led invasion" of the nation's southern border at CPAC 2024.

Last year, Knowles was derided by corporate media, who claimed The Daily Wire host called for the eradication of transgender people.

“What that whole little kerfuffle demonstrated was that America is experiencing an identity crisis. We no longer know who we are," Knowles said of last year's criticism by corporate media.

“Lots of little errors have led to our present identity crisis," he said. "The most obvious being that we no longer have functional borders."

The Daily Wire host noted nearly six million illegal migrants had entered the country under the Biden administration.

“This Democrat-led invasion is the largest human trafficking operation in human history,” Knowles said.

“The vast majority of Americans knows that it’s wrong," he continued. "The vast majority of Americans want it to come to an end, but we are told that we must tolerate the destruction of our borders and the invasion of our country because we are a nation of immigrants."

Knowles noted the phrase was not referenced in any of the United States' founding documents.

“They believed, as they believe today, that doing so would give them a permanent electoral majority,” said Knowles, adding the phrase had been introduced during the Democratic Party's adoption of mass migration policies in the 1960s. “Even so, we are told, we must tolerate this cynical political trick because ‘diversity is our strength.’”

Knowles argued the country's strength came from unity rather than diversity, noting the country had historically employed strict immigration restrictions.

“Not because we didn’t like immigrants, we liked them very much," he said, "but we had always understood, as all wise statesmen had understood, that a country with an unlimited influx of unassimilated foreign people becomes unstable and risks losing its very identity.”

Following Knowles' speech at CPAC 2023, The Daily Beast released an article titled "Michael Knowles Says Transgender Community Must Be 'Eradicated' At CPAC."

The Daily Wire host noted the misquoted framing of the outlet's article and demanded a retraction. The outlet corrected their mistake shortly after, retitling the article "Michael Knowles Says Transgenderism Must Be ‘Eradicated’ at CPAC."

"There can be no middle way in dealing with transgenderism," Knowles said during his 2023 speech. "Trangenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely — the whole preposterous ideology, at every level."

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