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New Report: Hamas, Israel Both Committed War Crimes During and After Oct. 7 Attack
New Report Finds 'Reasonable Grounds' Israel Is Committing Acts of Genocide Against Palestinians
Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden Administration's Abstention from UN Ceasefire Vote was 'Strategically Stupid'
Chinese Envoy At Israel's ICJ Hearing Says Armed Resistance to Foreign Occupation Is Enshrined in International Law
Report Confirms Israeli Forces Opened Fire On UN Aid Convoy Carrying Food To Gaza
International Court Rules Against Israel In Genocide Case
South Africa Brings Genocide Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice
President Joe Biden Will Not Attend UN Climate Summit
The Richest 1% Emit As Much Pollution As the Poorest Two-Thirds of World's Population
Ambassador Says United Nations Has 'Let Down' Israel
UN Calls For Multinational Force To Stop Haitian Gangs
UK Home Secretary Says Multiculturalism has 'Failed,' Warns of ‘Uncontrolled Illegal Immigration’
UN Building 'Digital Army' To Combat 'Misinformation'
Ukraine Wants UN to Host Peace Talks in February
United Nations Urges Fed To Stop Raising Rates, Warns Global Recession Likely Otherwise
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