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Mexican President Asks Biden About Legal Immigration
Senate Republicans Call for Full Trial for Mayorkas
Texas National Guardsman Arrested for Human Smuggling
Republican Governors Throw Support Behind Texas' Defiance Of SCOTUS Ruling, Will Assist
Gov. Abbott: Texas' Right to Self-Defense 'Supersedes Any Federal Statutes to the Contrary'
'Should Be Dead On Arrival': DeSantis Encourages Speaker Johnson To Reject Senate Border Bill
Final Numbers For August Expected To Show 230,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed Into the U.S., CBP Says
DeSantis Vows to Use Military Force and Drone Strikes to Fight Mexican Cartels if Elected President
Illegal Crossings at Southern Border Increased by 25% as Mayorkas Predicts Upcoming 'Surge'
Mexican President Asks China to Help Stop the Flow of Chemicals Used to Make Fentanyl
Border Patrol Chief Says Agency Does Not have Control of Southern Border
Conservative Writer Says U.S. Must 'Destroy' Mexican Drug Cartels
Mexican Drug Cartel Apologizes After Kidnapping Of Four American Citizens
White House Press Secretary Says Fentanyl is ‘At Historic Lows’ Under Biden
Biden Announces Plans for First Visit to US-Mexico Border
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