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Federal Judge Sides With NRA In Lawsuit Over Pistol Brace Rule
Biden ATF Drafting Rule To Ban Private Gun Sales
Appeals Court Decides Against ATF Pistol Brace Rule
Gaetz, MTG To Seek Defunding Of ATF In Next Appropriations Period
ATF Director Says He is 'Not a Firearms Expert' When Asked to Define Assault Weapon
House Republicans Blast ATF In Hearing Over Pistol Brace Ban
ATF Draws Ire After Commemorating Waco Massacre's 30th Anniversary With Photo Of Agents Standing Guard
Matt Gaetz Introduces Abolish the ATF Act In Response To 'Stabilizing Braces' Ruling
ATF Conducts Warrantless Firearm Search at Gun Owner's Home
Steve Dettelbach Confirmed as New Head of ATF, Ending 7 Year Vacancy
Congressman Tim Ryan Releases Ad Attacking JD Vance’s Call to Abolish ATF
President Joe Biden Announces Serial Number Requirements for 'Ghost Gun'
Biden Administration Collected Records From Millions of Gun Owners
Biden Withdraws Chipman as ATF Director Nominee