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Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year Award
A 29-Year-Old Transgender Woman Just Beat 13-Year-Old Girl In NYC's 'Boardr Open' Skateboarding Championship
Russian Tennis Player Who Changed Nationality Will Compete at Wimbledon Despite Ban
World Swimming Organization Passes Restriction on Transgender Competitors
ESPN's Sarah Spain Says Rays Players Who Declined to Wear Pride Patch for Religious Reasons Are ‘Bigots’
DeSantis Gets Special Olympics International to Drop Vaccine Mandate For Their USA Games in Orlando
UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas Says Not Including Trans Athletes is ‘Othering’
Indiana Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto to Enact Transgender Sports Regulations
Tennis Organizations Strip Wimbledon of Ranking Points Because of Ban on Russian and Belarusian Athletes
Governor Henry McMaster Signs South Carolina's Save Women's Sports Act into Law
South Carolina's 'Save Women's Sports' Act Sent to Governor's Desk
Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Requiring Collegiate Athletes to Compete on Teams Matching Their Biological Sex
NASCAR Driver Required to Attend Sensitivity Training For 'Family Guy' Tweet
Tennessee Governor Adds Penalties for Schools Allowing Transgender Students to Play on Girls Sports Teams
Novak Djokovic Will Not Be Required to Get Vaccinated to Compete at Wimbledon
Kentucky Governor Vetoes 'Save Women’s Sports Act'
UK PM Boris Johnson States Opposition to 'Biological Men' Competing in Women's Sports
NFL Teams To Hire Minority Offensive Coaches Under New Diversity Initiative
Star Russian Player Banned By International Chess Federation for Supporting Putin
Republican Indiana Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Biological Males From Girls' Sports
MLB and Players Reach Agreement That Could End Three-Month Lockout
International Paralympic Committee Bans Athletes from Russia and Belarus
Red Sox Release Minor League Player For Tweets Deemed Homophobic, Anti-Semitic
Novak Djokovic Will Be Allowed to Compete At The Italian Open